Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Black)

Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Black)

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  • Bluedio engineers have spent two years in creating T2 ultra-big speaker, diameter up to 2.24 inches, trying to bring you the best music experience - rich and strong bass, crisp and clear highs
  • Stands for your endless passion and energy
  • T2 is rotary, you can rotate the ear cup up to 195 degrees, making it easy to carry and save more space
  • It's the latest bluetooth 4.1 chip, which can transmit data at high speed and bring you smooth music experience
  • Low power ensures long lasting battery life of up to 40 hours
  • Works well with most mobile phones like iPhone/HTC/motorola/LG/samsung
  • Its ear cup and headband top are padded with sufficient foam and covered with soft leather

Warranty & Support
Warranty Details: 01 Year Manfacture Warranty 

From the manufacturer

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Bluedio is a pioneer in wireless audio with more than a decade of experience in pursuit of excellence. Bluedio has driven the development of innovative electro-acoustic technologies like PPS 8 and PPS 12(Physical Positioning surround sound effect), and in applying them in their world class audio products. With a focus on quality audio products, Bluedio has been expanding and diversifying to more than 150 countries, with a rapidly growing portfolio of more than 30 patents in acoustics.

Blluedio T2+ Wireless Headphones with SD card slot and FM Radio

It's been 6 months, our engineers redesign the Turbine idea, trying to make it better and better for you. And Bluedio T2 Plus comes along, a upgrade for H Plus. Besides keeping all the pros of the previous version, T2 Plus can fold up for easy carrying, and strengthened in headband.

  • Great sound
  • Cool look
  • Micro SD Card Slot and FM Radio
  • 40 hours continuous music time
  • Compatibility

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Great sound

Great sound from 57mm drivers: our engineers spend two years in creating the 57mm driver for Turbine series, to bring you amazing Bluedio sound without breaking your bank.

Cool look

Cool look inspired from Turbine which we think can best represent your endless passion and energy. Also the earcups can rotarily fold up, easy to carry on the move.

Micro SD Card Slot and FM Radio

Support FM broadcast / Micro SD card playback of MP3 and WAV audio formats (note: Micro SD card not provided).

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40 hours continuous music time

Up to 40 hours continuous music time from the latest Bluetooth 4.1 low-power technology. Enjoy your music as long as you want.


The Bluetooth perfectly works with your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player.

Note: there may be compatibility issue with other devices.

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